Mail Defender

Your business is always under threat from viruses and junk mail. Even if you have anti-virus or anti-spam software operating on your network, you could be leaving it too late to fight back.

Your first line of defence

Working at internet level, UK 1 MailDefender stops threats getting anywhere near your network. It also features multiple lines of defence from UK 1 and other leading providers, including Sophos, so you can relax knowing you're always secure.

Cool, calm and protected

Choosing UK 1 MailDefender couldn't be easier. It takes under 72 hours to set up and there's no downtime or products to install. We also automatically update your security every five minutes, ensuring you get the latest protection.

With all this plus expert advice and support, UK 1 MailDefender offers everything you need to gain complete control of your email defences.


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